Nancy Leslie, Ph.D. Clinical Neuropsychologist

My early memories begin when my family lived in Seattle, WA. We then moved to St. Paul, MN. When I was in 8th grade we moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. From there we moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico. I returned to the Pacific Northwest for my undergraduate degree at University of Oregon and majored in Medical Technology. I worked in hospital labs for a few years. I then moved into research in neurosurgery with Dr. Martin Weiss at USC Medical School. I changed directions and began a doctoral program in Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Houston. I have worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings in brain injury rehabilitation.

In 1985 I moved to Bryan / College Station and began my private practice. I have served both adults and children who have experienced some difficulty in brain function for the past thirty three years. This includes working with children who have learning difficulties or attention difficulties and adults with both developmental and acquired brain damage. The damage may have resulted from a traumatic brain injury, stroke, brain tumor, or a dementia. My goal is to do a thorough evaluation to understand the dynamics of the cognitive and personality changes and how these have impacted the individual and the family. I help patients and families make the adjustments that the brain injury has caused so that they can reestablish a good quality of life.

I have made the difficult decision to change the nature of my practice as I enter a semi-retirement phase. I have given up my office and staff and now will see patients in an office at my home. I will no longer accept insurance or Medicare for the payment of my services. I will provide an invoice that includes the necessary information for patients to submit it to their insurance but will require payment in full for my evaluations and treatment.